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Finally Experience

Loss and Transition
Counseling & Coaching

You can't go on like this anymore.

You aren't sure what life looks like now. 

You feel so lost.

You're a shell of yourself these days.

You don't know what to do with your pain.

You keep wondering why. 

Your hurt won't let up. 

You feel so drained and alone.


There is life after loss. 

I've helped many people find healing, clarity, and balance.

Imagine what life would be like if you could just mentally rest.

Imagine feeling connected to others again.

Imagine not having to wear a fake smile all of the time.

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Grief Counseling

All of us experience grief in different ways. I take great pride in walking with individuals, couples, and families through their losses. I help people find meaning through the pain, and rediscover life.


Widow Coaching

I am a trained life and transition coach, and I have much experience working with young widows and mothers who have lost a loved one. We can work together to help you discover life again!

IMG_5707 - Angela Stuart-Jackson.HEIC

Meet Angela Kay

I'm a licensed counselor and I have a passion for helping people through grief and loss. I myself have been down the daunting path of grief myself (more than once). 

I'm well acquainted with not only the depth of pain when you lose a loved one, but also how to find meaning and healing on the other side. 

I specialize in helping clients discover life again after loss. 

Common FAQ's

Do you take my insurance?

-I currently am not paneled with any major insurances at this time.

If I can't use my insurance, what are your rates?

-I offer a sliding scale fee for my clients. Contact me for more details on this!

Where do you see clients?

-I see clients via telehealth 

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