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I'm Angela

Hi, my name is Angela. I am a licensed professional counselor and I specialize in grief work.

I’m passionate about helping my clients learn how to rediscover life through the grief process.

My approach is honest, down to earth, and emotion-focused. I offer life coaching specifically for young widows who are struggling through loss and transition.

I'm accepting new clients via telehealth.

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Why I became a Grief Counselor

Finding Hope + Confidence

I've worked with so many people who have just been in the 'dark cave' of loss. They often talk about not only losing hope, but also losing confidence in who they are. Such a desperate and exhausting place to be. 

Why would I want to do this? I have been there. Suddenly, life as I knew it, was changed when my first husband died in a tragic accident. 20 years later, I walked through yet another tragic event when my second husband died suddenly. I am very familiar with the 'dark cave' of loss. There was no easy way out of the darkness of grief until I allowed myself to be curious about this unwelcome change in my life.

I wake up everyday to help people find themselves again. Being able to sit across from someone, and helping them know on a deep level that they are not alone. That they can breathe and love again. 

Being able to play a role in helping someone find meaning through the pain -- I couldn't see myself doing anything else!

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